A Polaroid a day keeps the bank account...a little low. If you enjoy this little adventure of mine and would like to take it home with you, consider picking up a print or a set of postcards for you or a friend. A girl's got to keep a steady supply of film coming, after all!

Polamour prints, postcards, and pendants can be purchased online in my store on haleyluna.com. I only list a handful of prints at a time, depending on what I currently have available and ready to ship, so contact me if there's anything you'd like that isn't listed or if you're wanting a custom item like a large print. Some things, like pendants, sell out quickly, so let me know if you'd like to be notified when new ones go up for sale.

I'm always open to trading for your art, other neat things you make, or extra Polaroid film and cameras you no longer have any use for.